About Me

I’m Matt, an avid amateur, who mainly torments his willing (and ever-hungry!) wife with endless culinary experiments, messes and smells. I briefly delved into cookery school at the fantastic Ashburton School (can’t recommend it highly enough) and even more briefly was the head chef at a 120 diners per night pop-up restaurant and worked in a Michelin starred restaurant. That was the experience which provided me with the inspiration for this Timed Eating blog.

At both cookery school and the restaurant I learned how to take something complicated and time consuming, and get it to the point where I could finish it for a diner in under 15 minutes. This made me think – why, oh why don’t people cook like this at home, for guests. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve spent many a dinner party slaving away in the kitchen whilst everyone else has a drink and has a great time. But then I started running a dinner party like a restaurant service – No meal should have me away from the table for more than 10-15 minutes maximum, including making it look pretty! It’s amazing what a little rule like that does to how you think about what to cook, how you plan, how you lay out your kitchen in advance. And, it actually makes you more inventive, more ambitious and you have more fun.

So here I try to post the little things I’ve learned – whether it’s drinks idea or food ideas, original ones or borrowed ones. I’ll be posting recipes, musings and occasionally taking a look at a restaurant dish and thinking how they actually got that out to the diner in time. If there’s anything you’d like to find out about or just want to say hi then please email or tweet me at: